If you're involved in network marketing, you probably know that recruiting is one of the most important skill.

If you know that, then please watch this video below...

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Below you can also watch the invitation from Eric Worre...

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I hope that attending on this webinar will help you in your business. Just please keep in mind that you have to use this knowledge in practice :-)

To your success,
Michael Kidzinski

Have you ever wondered:

Why poeple don't buy from you?


Why people don't join your business?

There's a chance that you did it, right?

For this reason I want to share with you the answer that probably will help you.

I said 'probably' because it's up on you if you'll use this in your business.

Just click PLAY and watch now to get this answer.

This is why people don't buy from you

Now you know the truth...

You know that you won't withdraw any money from an ATM, if you haven't made a deposit into your account.

In selling stuff it's pretty similar (regardless of if you build MLM business, affiliate business or if you sell your own products).

You won't sell anything to anyone if you don't spend time and energy to build relationships with your prospects.

I really hope that this tip will help you and that it will be beneficial for you.

To your success,
Michael Kidzinski

P.S. There's a 'shortcut' to getting results in online business where you have the chance to build relationship with people before you offer them anything. You can know more about it right here.


I have to say this...

I just love this video.

I remember when I first saw it and then I watched it several times over and over again.


I'm not sure if I can tell you why but if you're involved in network marketing/mlm/direct sales business, then the best what you can do is watching this right now...

Definition of Stupidity by David Wood

Now you know why I love this video...

It's funny...

It's inspirational...

It's motivational...

And it can help you understand that...

...YOU can do this...

...regardless of what kind of business you want to build online.

I really hope it will help you.

To your success,
Michael Kidzinski

P.S. If you want know what David Wood do today and how he helped people build their businesses, watch this video.


It's pretty interesting when you ask yourself:

"Am I giving 100% in everything what I do?"

Todd Falcone talks about this in video below...

I have to admit (like Todd Falcone) that I don't give 100% every single day

I just have to admit it because it's true.

But the reason because of I shared this video, is that I want you to answer this question.

I know for sure that when if you will be honest with yourself, your business results can be much better and I wish you this with all my heart.

To your success,
Michael Kidzinski

I don't know if you heard about iPas2.

For many people (also for me) this system is the best 'shortcut' to success online.


Let me give the floor to Chris and Susan...

iPas2 Testimonial

Click here to find out what is iPas2

Do you want to know what is the best part about iPas2 ?

It doesn’t matter what’s your background, age, first language because this system can do almost everything for you.

I said 'almost' because you have to use this system in order to get results.

Not a member yet?


**You can test drive iPas2 7 days for $7 100% risk free. If for some weird reason you think after 7 days that iPas is not working, we’ll give you all your money back (no questions asked).

Just please remember one thing...

Rich people make decisions quickly and change them slowly. Poor people make decisions slowly and change them quickly.

Only you can decide where you want to be and iPas2 is 'only' a tool to help you get where you want.

The choice is on your side my friend (as always) :-)

To your success,
Michael Kidzinski

P.S. Folks - obviously, the income examples shown are extraordinary. The income claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they're designed to give you an idea of what's possible. Success in this business - as with anything, requires leadership, hard work and dedication. Since we want to help you make an informed decision, we've gone above and beyond with our income disclosure document. If you want to see the average earnings, please see our Full Income Disclosure. Make Sense?
Participation in the iPAS2 system is 100% optional and is not required for success in Empower Network.

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